Codega Award


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The Codega Prize is the international recognition assigned to the best solutions/realizations for their innovative aspects, the use of smart lighting and their energy saving & efficiency results. An award that recognizes creativity but also “Human Centric” approaches for people’s wellbeing.

The Codega Prize includes two categories:
1 – Lighting Design – a recognition to the best independent lighting designers and professionals’ realizations or installations.
2 – Lighting Solution – a recognition to the best LED solutions/systems and luminaires.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place on the 13th October in Venice following a conference on smart lighting which will take place at Illuminotronica.

Application Form
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Regulation 2017
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Assodel - Electronics Districts Association
IDEA Electronics
Illuminotronica - Human Centric Lighting Technologies


APIL - Associazione Professionisti dell'Illuminazione


Silvio Baronchelli

President of Assodel – Italian Federation of Electronics Clusters – and of Tecnoimprese.

Stefano Catucci

Teacher of Aesthetics at the Faculty of Architecture at “La Sapienza”, University of Rome.

Francesco Iannone

Francesco Iannone

International Lighting Designer. Co-founder of PLDA (Professional Lighting Designers Association).

Paul James

Editor at mondo*arc, which since 1999, is the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design.

Massimo Malaguti

Past Director of the Univeneto Foundation, promoting and coordinating training and R&D activites of the universities of Veneto.

Fabio Peron

Associate Professor of Environmental Physics at the IUAV University of Venice

Thomas Römhild

Architect and lighting designer. Since 1995, professor at Wismar University – Director of the Course Architectural Lighting Design.

Maurizio Rossi

Director of Laboratorio Luce and of Lighting Design & LED Technology Master at Politecnico of Milan. Director of the Italian Color Group.

Esther Torellò

Communication manager of the Spanish Professional Association of Lighting Designers A-PDI and publisher of Lightecture, a magazine devoted to lighting design.

Paola Urbano

Lighting Designer, co-founder of APIL (Italian Association of Lighting Designers) and member of its Board.


ledlab - Led Lighting Network
LEDIN ART International
LEDin System Integrator
Mondo Arc
luxemozione - Cultura della luce